Please give me time to cover my ears and hide under a blanket

My day is almost over.  I only have 12 minutes.  I am getting increasingly more anxious, though.  The woman I work with is stressed out and keeps YELLING in the office.  She is YELLING at other co-workers.  She is YELLING at her computer.  She is YELLING at her phone.  I have recently figured out that loudness and intensity really bother me.  I mean REALLY bother me.  I have physical reactions to yelling and banging and slamming.  My heart is going a mile a minute right now.  She has stopped, but if she starts again I may have to leave a few minutes early.  It’s bad enough that I work with construction guys who stomp around the office.  She does it to – She’s admitted that she walks like an elephant.  I can deal with the stomping, though I FREEZE when I hear hard footsteps coming down the hallway.  The YELLING seems incredibly unprofessional, though.  It has been getting worse in the past couple weeks.  I understand that she is stressed and frustrated, but all it does is put everyone else in the office on edge.  Well, maybe not everyone else.  Maybe I’m the only one who is bothered by this.  I wish I felt comfortable saying something to her.  Or saying something to the “Boss”, who would then let her know that I was too much of a pussy to talk to her myself.  I hate confrontations.  I would be so uncomfortable sitting 10 feet from her with her knowing that I complained about her.  I guess I will just have to deal with it.  Complaining about it doesn’t seem to be an option at this time.

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2 thoughts on “Please give me time to cover my ears and hide under a blanket

  1. That sort of behavior is totally unacceptable in a workplace. I would encourage you to try to give her this feedback: explain that you understand the frustration, but that it is deeply upsetting you and making it difficult for you to work.

    If you get no response, you’re justified going to the boss.

    Just my thought, anyway. And oh – I make it sound easier than it is. Oops.

    • LOL – Thanks for adding that part at the end. I wish it WAS easier! I know what I need to do, the hard part is gathering myself up to actually do it.

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