What My Husband Wrote

I have had a rough time of it lately.  Who hasn’t?  I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I had a non-friend that I thought was a real friend.  I was suicidal, telling her that killing myself looked like a viable option.  She told me she was worried and knew I wasn’t being myself.  Weird thing, I didn’t hear from her until about 3 weeks after that.  She sent me a text asking how I was doing.  Sorry, I don’t need a “friend” who will put me on the back burner like that.

Over the weekend my husband called this person to let her know that I had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, explain what it meant, and tell her how I had been suffering lately.  She took that oppertunity to tell him that he is mistreating me (he’s not), he tries to justify his “bad” behavior to God (he doesn’t), and that God is going to kill him so that I can have “half a chance” at a good life.  That’s the background.  Last night my husband posted the following on his page.  Just wanted to share it.  BTW – he usually posts about politics, hence the title of his blog.

This one is not politics.

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2 thoughts on “What My Husband Wrote

  1. Satis

    I am sorry about these events. Your husband appears very supportive, and defensive, of you. Good for him.

    My wife and I share the same stigma as you do. We are lucky enough that few people see it, but she will likely be in the ground when I am only in my sixties. I love her nonetheless, and she I. We both love our son, and it’s all we need.

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