Here Comes the Panic Attack!

I am becoming increasingly more anxious as I watch the clock tick closer to 1:15.  That’s when I’m leaving for my FIRST EVER DBT group session.  I have no idea what to expect.  Not to mention that the clinic where I go for all my mental appointments always always always gives me a panic attack.  I know that the more you think about it, the more likely another panic attack will come.  I can’t help it.  I had my assessment with the therapist on Wednesday.  As I was sitting there waiting for her I had to change where I sat three times because I was too close to people.  Each person that walked by me made me more and more nervous.  I was talking with Jay on the phone while I waited, and he got to hear the other end of my panic attack.  I really hate going to that place.  I really hate being around people.  I wish I could just disappear into the ground and not have to deal with anything.

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7 thoughts on “Here Comes the Panic Attack!

  1. Can you take a sedative (ativan, xanax, etc.)?I always took on when I got to DBT group & I still wanted to crawl out of my skin. I think making us fight elderly alligators might be more therapeutic & less stressful. I’ll have to head down to Florida to test the theory. Hope you made it through ok & had a better experience than I did. XO

    • I wish I could take a sedative! The place that I go to for treatment is some gov’t sponsered thing for poor people. They don’t like to give out those kinds of drugs. But on the rare occasion that they do, they certainly will not give them to people who used to have a drinking problem, like me. Which is really messed up seeing as how people with mental health issues tend to self medicate. I mean, who DIDN’T have a drinking problem in their past?

      • Was the DBT as scary as you expected?

      • No, it really wasn’t. I didn’t like when the doctor made us move our chairs close together, but otherwise it was ok. It was really just the unknown that I was scared of. I had no idea what to expect. I’m actually looking forward to going back.

      • EXCELLENT!!! I couldn’t do it, am in patient right now & group this morning was DBT-based & I had a full blown panic attack & immediately went for my ativan afterward. Glad my reaction isn’t universal – if you had a good experience it will work for you. That’s great!

  2. ershley

    wow, it is a small world! Don’t have time to read your posts today but i skimmed thru them and they look interesting. what is dbt???

    • DBT is dialectical behavioral therapy. I think it teaches you how to THINK, and not just respond to your emotions. I really don’t know too much about it. It’s my understanding that it is the most effecitve way to treat borderline personality disorder.

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