It Really Seems Hopeless

I was just watching a show and heard the following:  “Some people cannot begin to heal because they know there is still more hurt to come.”  It really seems hopeless sometimes.  It seems like nothing will change.  This pain will never end.  And I know it’s coming.  I KNOW there is more hurt to come.  I cannot heal.

I just want this to end.

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3 thoughts on “It Really Seems Hopeless

  1. Satis

    I’m sorry. Sometimes there is no end…but then sometimes it just isn’t in sight. It’s hard to tell. If there is a chance of survival, take it – if not, is it worse than the alternatives? It takes strength, but ironically it’s those who are most in despair who have the greatest promise – though we never know it ourselves, of course.

  2. ershley

    How are you so certain more hurt is coming?

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