A panic attack is tapping me on the shoulder

I have this awful feeling that something HORRIBLY BAD is about to happen.   I don’t know what, and I don’t know when, but I KNOW that it’s coming.  I feel it in my chest.  Something is crushing down on me.  I can barely bring my chest up to breathe properly.  I keep looking over my shoulder, waiting for it to come.  I’m going to cry. 

Damn, I’m so stupid.  I know what this is.  ANOTHER PANIC ATTACK.  I guess I can try some breathing exercises or something from DBT.  I was given “Distress Tolerance” handouts on Friday.  I’ve been trying to use them. 

This is building building building building.  This will not have a good end.  I need to stop this.  I can’t continue.  I wish God would just kill me.  I sure don’t have the guts to do it myself.

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8 thoughts on “A panic attack is tapping me on the shoulder

  1. Satis

    Have you tried exploding?

    Metaphorically, that is…

    • I guess I’m not quite sure what you mean by this, or if it’s a joke? Exploding like letting it all out and screaming and throwing things? Please explain (or let me in on the joke).

      • Yes – screaming and letting it all out (sorry if the joke totally fell flat). I don’t know how much help it would be, but there are times when it just can’t be contained any more.

        I apologize if I upset you – my humor can be very mistimed sometimes.

      • LOL – No apology needed.

  2. Oh hun it’s horrible when that feeling creeps up, but don’t give up hope. Try those DBT exercises, figure out what thoughts/situations are triggering you and challenge them. If challenging them is too hard try putting them up on here and I’m sure we’ll all help you do it.
    When I feel like this I force myself to look for the good in the world, avoid newspapers etc but maybe look on here for things that you know will bring back your faith in the world, something as simple as pictures of peoples gardens, animals or a piece of music that sends a positive message.
    Your not stupid, a panic attack is sneaky and until you get practised at spotting the warning signs, they will hide like a Cheshire cat until ready to pounce. xx

  3. Vince Quasdorf

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