Is it mania?

I’ve been feeling slightly manic these past few days.  Maybe more than slightly.  Maybe mania isn’t even what I’m feeling.  It’s never really been something I experienced.  I was told at one point that I was bipolar, but this never made sense since I didn’t ever feel manic.  Just utterly depressed.  Since Tuesday afternoon I have been feeling very energetic.  I have been excited and almost…happy?  Is that what that feeling is?  I’m not sure.  I just feel like bouncing around.  I want to jump up on my chair and spin around fast!  I want to run back and forth throughout the office, waving my arms and omitting funny sounds while I make crazy faces.  I feel like I have limitless energy.  I am doing a million things right now at work.  I am multi-tasking my ass off!!  I can’t believe all the things I’m getting done while still working nonstop on this specific project I’ve had since Monday.  My driving has also gotten a little more aggressive in the past couple days.  Driving fast.  Going from lane to lane.  I tell myself I’m just driving like everyone else.  Maybe, but maybe not.

Anyway, I am a little concerned, just like I am every time my mood takes such a drastic, unexpected, and unfamiliar change.  I am leaving for a therapy session in a few minutes.  I guess this will be fodder for conversation.

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One thought on “Is it mania?

  1. Sounds like mania to me. Enjoy it while it lasts – the farther up you go, the harder you’ll crash at the end.

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