Considering Buspar

Has anyone out there tried Buspar?  I am going to see my actual doctor doctor who can prescribe meds tomorrow.  I am DESPERATE for an anti-anxiety SOMETHING!!!  The place I go is hesitant to hand out benzodiazepines, and apparently Buspar works like a benzo, but does not have the addictive qualities, so I’m thinking I can get this guy to prescribe it for me.  I have been hearing mixed reviews about it, though.  Some people say it works amazingly, some say it does absolutely nothing.  Does anyone have any experience with this medication?  I’d love to hear about it!!  Thanks!  🙂

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One thought on “Considering Buspar

  1. shellssecrets

    I’ve been taking buspar for about 3 months now twice a day. It helps. No side effects after you get used to it. I also take klonopin before bed. Helps my mind to shut off.

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