Social Anxiety

Jaen at You Know You’re Borderline When posted a link for the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale Test.

The scoring scale is as follows:
55-65 Moderate social phobia
65-80 Marked social phobia
80-95 Severe social phobia
Greater than 95 – Very severe social phobia

It rates you according to your fear, and then according to your avoidance, and then adds it up.  My fear was 52, my avoidance was 47, making my grand total 99!!  LMCAO  It’s not like I needed a test to tell me whether or not I have social anxiety, but it is nice to know roughly how I score (I know these things are never 100% accurate).

“Very severe social phobia”  I wonder at what point the gov’t would label me as unable to work.  My husband CANNOT work.  I have seen it first hand.  He does well for a couple weeks, a month at most.  Then he starts missing work/coming home early/going in late because he can’t handle things.  Just normal, everyday things.  He cannot function properly around other people for long periods of time.  Too bad the gov’t doesn’t see him as disabled.  They wouldn’t label me that way, either.  Even though working has tremendously increased my stress level.  I realized over the weekend that I don’t usually have the urge to self harm at home, but I sure do at work.  I don’t do well interacting with people.  I kick myself over every word I say to other people.  Worrying about how I am perceived.  It makes me almost immobile.  Before going to speak with someone, I have to plan out what I am going to say and PRAY that they don’t veer off the topic.  I’m totally lost if someone just runs into me and says a few words.  I can’t respond “off the cuff”.  I usually just laugh.  Laugh and laugh.  I am probably known around here as a laughing fool.  I want a representative from the gov’t to spend one week in my shoes.  Experiencing my uncontrollable emotions.  Thinking my degrading thoughts.  Telling myself how stupid and unworthy I am.  Struggling not to hurt myself.  Struggling to do something as simple as make a phone call or go grocery shopping without help.  Give me one week, and THEN tell me I’m not disabled and should be able to function properly in society.

Oh, yeah.  Here’s the link to the test.

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One thought on “Social Anxiety

  1. Bourbon

    I understand. I wish I didn’t. But I do x

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