I was on Twitter yesterday and saw that someone named Amanda Green had put out a book called “My Alien Self:  My Journey Back to Myself”, and was giving it away as an ebook for free until 8/24 to promote mental health awareness.  Just a note here – You do NOT need to have a Kindle/Nook/Tablet/anything fancy to read this book.  You can download it right onto your computer to read.  I started it yesterday and had a hard time putting it down!  Very good read!  Well written and incredibly interesting.  Not to mention that I could relate to a LOT of it.  I’m sure many many others can relate, too.  She discuss early promiscuity, self harm, eating disorder, drug/alcohol use/abuse, her mother’s mental illness, bullying, rape and distructive relationships…among other things.  I am looking forward to continuing it.  I am only about 1/4 of the way through it, so I can’t wait to finish!  Here is the link to get the book FOR FREE!!!  Don’t forget, it is only until 8/24, so go there now!!  Totally worth the time!

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