Lots of fake “Christians” out there…


 I think my biggest pet peeve is people who claim to be Christians, and then act even worse than people who don’t go around telling others how wonderful they are.  I know a married couple who think they are the most amazing Christians that ever lived.  They talk about how much they love God and have the ability to turn anything into a Bible lesson or sermon.  Not that that is necessarily a bad thing.  They also like to quote scripture and go out of their way to help people.  Not bad, either.  They regularly attend church on Sunday, and sometimes during the week.  The husband of this couple has even started speaking at their church on a regular basis.  I know that the pastors have been leaving that church, moving out of state, so he has been taking over leading the congregation.

I wonder when the church will see their true colors?  I wonder how long he will hold that position?  The wife in this couple is the same “friend” that I sobbed to about suicide and my mental issues, and then didn’t hear from for over a month.  She is the same “friend” that cursed my husband, and told him that God was going to kill him to, essentially, make life better for me.  She is the same “friend” that told us we could stay with them for as long as we needed when we moved to town with no place to go, but started trying to push us out after two weeks.  She is the same “friend” that questions mine and my husband’s personal religious beliefs because we aren’t as “good” as her.

The husband was a “friend”, too, but more to my husband than to me.  He is the same “friend” that told my husband he could call anytime, but then would never return the calls because my husband turned into too much of a bother.  He is the same “friend” that never wanted to listen to my husband’s problems and be empathetic, but rather be critical and judgmental, sending my husband into further depression.  He is the same “friend” that told my husband we could take their dog when they moved across town, but instead opted to keep their dog in the backyard of the abandoned house, uncared for.

That’s right.  These pieces of shit great Christians left their Lab/Pit Bull mixed dog in the backyard sometime in May, moved across town, left the dog, and told no one or asked them to even feed him.  Luckily they had a neighbor who actually cares about people and animals.  The neighbor noticed the cars were never in the driveway and there wasn’t anyone home anymore.  He noticed the dog was looking pretty skinny.  He started feeding the dog daily and commissioned his grandson to come over and walk the dog so he wasn’t so lonely all day.  He recently called those pieces of shit great Christians and told them that he had cut back the food he was giving to the dog because it started gaining so much weight.  Those pieces of shit great Christians didn’t even know the neighbor was feeding the dog.  Can you believe that?  As far as they knew, the dog’s carcass could have been torn apart by a band of roving monkeys and then feasted on by flying squirrels.  Someone could have been watching the house, noticed the dog was alone, and then dognapped him for sexual torture purposes.  Maybe the dog could have gotten attacked by the nasty children in the neighborhood.

I suppose those are pretty farfetched possibilities.  What was more likely was that the dog would have died from starvation, dehydration, or exposure.  How can someone claim to love God, but treat his creatures so horribly?  How can you neglect such a loving dog (he is the sweetest thing!) and leave it to die in your backyard when it can’t do anything to take care of itself, but then present yourself as an ambassador of God?  Christians are supposed to be representative of God’s love.  Now, I understand having a bad day and yelling at your dog or being mean to a person.  What I cannot understand is a PATTERN of animal abuse and neglect.  I suppose they weren’t abusive to him.  They just kept him outside and paid him no attention when they lived at that house.  Then they left him to die when they decided to move to a better place.  While living there, the female half of the couple said that when she would take her son outside to play, they would just ignore the dog, and I could do the same.  WTF???  Are you KIDDING me??  That is a living, breathing, FEELING creature that God put on this earth.  What kind of person would just neglect it in that way?  It’s bad enough when some Joe Blow off the street is mean or neglectful to animals, but when you have a person who claims to love God and follow Him, it is just disgusting and despicable.

I know the Bible says not to wish ill will on people.  All I hope for these pieces of shit great Christians is that they are treated the same way they lovingly cared for their dog.  They are pieces of shit Christians, after all.  They must have thought they were doing the right thing.

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3 thoughts on “Lots of fake “Christians” out there…

  1. Ohhhh I HATE people like that! I hate anyone who mistreats animals but to be so two faced about it all makes it so much worse. Have they taken the dog back or can you go and get it? I’m so glad that the next door neighbours were at least good people and looked after it. This is the problem I tend to have with organised religions, people hide behind them to make themselves look good when really they are despicable! They make the whole religion look bad when they all give good guidance on how to behave well to others. xx

  2. Sometimes my first reaction is to think thoughts of bad things happening to some people but after that i just hope they change their ways. I dont really want bad things to happen to most people, because I wouldnt want to be on the receiving end of somebody else’s bad hopes for me coming true.

  3. jolie

    I think your BPD slip was showing in this post. Not being critical. This is the perfect means of journaling, especially to go back and recall what brought about these feelings.
    What I read here, between the lines, was your perceived injustice by these friends…and, your corresponding attack……once they withdrew, likely to protect themselves. Just my take.
    You’re very brave, intelligent and brutally honest. Bravo. You’re human, imperfect, like the rest of us. Don’t ever let others ignorance define you.

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