I Am Utterly Confused

I just received a Facebook message from my mother.  This is what she sent:

“hi…:-) ”

Yup. That’s it. She couldn’t even be bothered with capitalization.  What am I supposed to do with that?  What the hell does it mean?  How does she know that I’m confused already, and this will only serve to mess with my head more?  How did she find out that I had decided to use radical acceptance to not let myself be bothered by them anymore?  What the hell am I supposed to do now? Damn that bitch.

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6 thoughts on “I Am Utterly Confused

  1. Well…I am Crazy Jay. I am meg-to-mara’s husband.

    I have watched this develop for years I have SEEN the neglect and obvious preference.

    I have been hesitant thus far b/c i want meg to feel open to express herself. she knows I read her blog, but I do not comment…either here or when she comes home after writing a blog.

    She has been reasonably fair/extremely gracious in her treatment of me here. I am very glad of the people who support her, although sometimes I think their “advise” is wrong. I don’t argue with her about what i read here. Her blog is her blog…period!

    Now, some of you all may need to read her section of how she and I ended up together. It was KISMET. It was SERENDIPITY. It was GOD.

    I love my girl…with all of my heart and she knows I will die defending her.

    Now, her “family” once again intrudes on the peace she is trying to create. NO MORE!

    I will fight for her. i will hurt anyone who hurts her. she is my Girl…my Love…my Bride.

    I have been quiet thus far.

    Now, though, I assume the role of gatekeeper.

    Anyone wanna get past me to hurt her? Try!

    • You go Jay! protect your woman and stop anyone from hurting her any more! Wish I had someone like you around she’s a lucky lady 🙂

  2. Oh I’m sorry to hear she’s messing with your head yet again hun, don’t forget the lovely button on facebook that blocks people who you don’t want anything to do with! I’ve had to make much use of it over the years as I’m sure you have too ((hugs)) xx

  3. You could always go the route I did when I got fed up with dealing with Josh’s family – deactivate your FB account entirely. I’ve had much less anxiety since I deactivated mine. Just a thought.

    • That is what I am about to do, especially after Jay responded via Facebook when I asked him not to. I’m quite sure I’ll be a lot happier without Facebook, and I sure won’t be missing much! Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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