My Experience with Buspar – an anti-anxiety medication

I have been using buspar for the past month for anxiety, so I thought that I should write about what I’ve been experiencing and what changes I’ve seen while on it.

I am taking 15mg three times a day.  It is supposed to be one of those slow acting drugs that takes a while to get into your system, but I noticed that I wasn’t as anxious just a few days after starting it.  For a while I was having a panic attack, or, at the very least, greatly increased anxiety, every day around 1:00 pm or 1:30 pm.  After taking buspar for a few days, I stopped feeling as anxious during that time.  After having taken it for a month, I can say that the general anxiety that occurred midday has almost completely disappeared.  I will still get anxious around that time if something is happening, like if I have group that day, but, overall, those attacks have stopped.

My general minute-to-minute anxiety-for-no-reason has mostly left me.  Over all I do not feel as anxious as I did.  I still have some anxiety, but at least I am able to deal with it.  I guess it’s too much to expect a medication to completely eradicate my symptoms.  I am better able to go out in public alone, and don’t have panic attacks on the way to the grocery store anymore.

About thirty minutes after I take my buspar, I start feeling a little dizzy, foggy, and generally unwell.  Sometimes I get slight nausea.  My vision is blurry and I can sometimes feel a tingling in my hands.  Sometimes I have a hard time holding my head up.  Sometimes I see mouse-trails on everything when I move my head from side to side.  There have been times when I’m walking that I sway a little and have difficulty moving without looking drunk.  These side effects only last for about thirty minutes.  I can look at the clock and know when I will start feeling normal again, based on when I took my pill.  These side effects can be somewhat annoying, but I feel the benefit of this medication outweighs the problems I’m having taking it.  I saw my psychiatrist on Wednesday, and he told me that if I eat a little when I take my pill I won’t experience the side effects.  He was right.  Since Wednesday I have not been having an issue with ANY side effects.

Overall, this medication is working for me.  YAY!

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5 thoughts on “My Experience with Buspar – an anti-anxiety medication

  1. mylifewithbpd

    My friend takes this med, she has constant dry mouth from it. Glad its working for you.

    • I didn’t even THINK that my constant water drinking had something to do with this med. I feel like I always need to drink something and my lips are so so dry. I’m glad you commented. Didn’t even realize I had that side effect. LOL

    • Stace the StigmaSlayer

      Thank you Meagan for sharing … I have my script filled & laying on my couch currently … I have anxiety about taking this anxiety med, right? Go figure 🙂 you have helped me to take the leap when I get home & see what happens. I am also living with managing BPD and have also been prescribed Lamcital with the Buspar … When on Wellbutrin & other meds, I was very jittery so I am very nervous about these “bipolar-approved” meds as I have ruled that out for my own realities … Best wishes! ❤ Stace

      • I have BPD II, and was just prescribed Buspar today. Right now, I am taking Wellbutrin & Latuda for my depression/anxiety. I’m fairly in the same boat as you where my anxiety flares up pretty bad (paralyzing/disabling), and ultimately causes more depression as a result.

        How has your experience with Buspar been so far?

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