Forced Sterilization…Not So Forced for Me!

West Nile Virus is a real concern in Arkansas.  The City just drove by in a truck that was spewing out gases and fumes.  When Crazy Jay told me about it, he mentioned that the fumes were most likely to kill mosquitos or do something to try and combat the West Nile Virus.  I told him it would be nice if they were just trying to sterilize people.  It would be doing me a favor.  LMCAO. No children for us, thank you!

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4 thoughts on “Forced Sterilization…Not So Forced for Me!

  1. or me! no way I’m passing on my genes! Shame they won’t sterilise me until I’m much older/have kids already and can only give me the coil lol.

    • I’m with you on that one! I can’t find a doctor who will tie my tubes, even though I’m coming up on 30!!! They want me to have kids first. Grrrr

      • Serpentor

        Quick question, did your husband have PTSD and the other disorders before you? I’m going to guess no. #1 side effect from being with a BPD is PTSD. And your listing his disorders in your profile is VERY BPD of you. You’ve made 0 progress, because BPD’s are immune to progress. Why do you think only BPD’s, which have had the same experiences as plenty of sane people, are the only ones that can never overcome it? Easy, 10% of people are good no matter what, 80% pushable to good or evil, and 10% are evil no matter what. BPD’s are the 10% evil which is why they never change or get better. Just bad people.

      • Actually, he DID have all the disorders before me. You were very silly to post this comment. Don’t worry. I’ll let my husband take care of you. I would hate to ruin your day by unleashing my “evil” on you. Let me end with this…Fuck off

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