From Distress Tolerance to Emotion Regulation

I have noticed that, within these past couple weeks, there has been a subtle shift in the type of DBT skills I’ve been using.  For a while there, I was pretty much only using distress tolerance skills.  Things like mindfulness, regulating my breathing, distraction, and various self-soothing skills.

This past week especially I have pretty much moved on to the emotion regulation skills. Things like REACH Empowerment (or PLEASE Master, for those who prefer it said that way), DEAR MAN, Wise Mind, and Build Positive Experiences. My therapist had been telling me for weeks that what I really needed were the emotion regulation skills. I guess she was right. I’ve been feeling a lot better since I’ve been learning how to control my emotions. At least, I’m able to control them a little, which is better than it’s been.

I’m excited to do my daily empowerment skill. I’m really enjoying working through the REACH skills. I’ve focused on “e” (eat properly balanced meals), “c” (catch enough zzz’s) and “h” (healthily exercise daily). I am also getting pleasure from building positive experiences.

These emotion reg skills really are making me feel better. Things that happen throughout the day don’t seem as major. The smallest thing doesn’t seem to turn into a crisis. I feel pretty good lately. I feel like I’ve been better able to cope. This aren’t as muddled and confused in my head. Maybe this DBT stuff will work. Who knew? LMCAO

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One thought on “From Distress Tolerance to Emotion Regulation

  1. Jaen Wirefly

    You’re retraining your brain to respond to stimuli in a more effective manner. If you keep it up you’ll probably be able to enjoy life more than you ever thought possible.

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