My Daily Empowerment Skill

I had it explained to me at my last DBT group session that I needed to be doing an empowerment skill (or mastery skill for those of you who like the old way) on a daily basis.  My therapist suggested maybe doing research on things I was interested in.  Long story short, I decided to learn a few obscure facts each day about the presidents of the United States in order.  I have researched George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison so far.

George Washington’s dentures weren’t made of wood.  They were actually made of animal bone and human teeth that he purchased from his slaves.  John Adams spoke four different languages and didn’t like shaking hands with people.  Thomas Jefferson would greet his guests at the White House in slippers and a robe.  He had a pet mockingbird named Dick that he allowed to fly around the White House.  James Madison had two vice presidents and was younger than both of them.  Both his VPs died in office.  He had eleven siblings, but no children.

I have found that I’m looking forward to my daily empowerment skill.  It’s nice to have something to do everyday that I’m interested in.  Maybe there is something to this emotional regulation stuff after all.

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