My God Kicks Ass!

I am going to post about something that I have mentioned a time or two in passing, but it is never something I’ve spent an entire post on.  I am going to talk about how awesome God is, and the amazing, unexpected things He has been doing in my life lately.  Anyone who is offended or in any way turned off by God talk may want to stop reading.  Just this post, though.  I am not planning on changing the topic of my blog.

Several months back, I ended contact with a “friend” for a couple reasons.  One of them being that she told my husband that God had cursed him, and that God was going to kill him very soon so that I “would have half a chance” at a decent life.  I posted about the incident HERE, and Jay posted about it HERE.

Since then, God has blessed us abundantly.  Beyond what I even would have even thought of myself.

Our finances have always been a little shaky.  More than a little shaky.  These past few months, though, things have straightened out.  Everything we needed, we had.  Every bill was paid.  Nothing was shut off.  We weren’t ever threatened with being evicted.

Not only have all our necessities been taken care of, God made it so that we had EXTRA money and were able to buy some things that we have needed for a while.  Like clothes.  And stocking up on food.

Here’s where God becomes much more obvious.  I purchased a vehicle in March, though I wasn’t able to get it registered.  We took the plates off our old car and put them on the new one.  Totally not legal.  The plates on the old car expired in September.  We were starting to get worried because if a cop saw that the plates were expired and decided to run them in the system, he would find that they weren’t even registered to the vehicle they were on.

Since the summer, Jay has been putting into the budget that we needed to save money for the plates and registration.  It was going to cost around $700, and that would take some time to get our hands on.  For one reason or another, we were never able to get the money saved up.  Things kept coming up that we needed to spend money on.  By the end of September, Jay was stressed and not sure what he was going to do.  A woman I work with has told me several times that if I ever needed anything, not to hesitate to ask her.  She said she may not always be able to do it, but that if she could, she would.

Jay called her at the beginning of this month and told her the situation with our vehicle.  She asked how much we would need.  We had a few other things to take care of as well, so he told her $1,000.  Her response was, “I wondered this morning why I was putting $1,000 in my pocket.  I said, ‘God, why am I taking this money with me?’”  Then she got off the phone with Jay and gave me the money.  But not before she told me that it was a birthday gift and I didn’t need to worry about paying her back.

That’s one.

Jay and I have been wanting to move for a while.  We have been becoming increasingly unhappy with the town we are living in.  The people are rude, nasty and selfish.  I feel threatened by the aggressive males trying to chat me up, despite my saying I’m married.  There is gun fire up our street almost every night.  It’s seems like it’s time to leave Little Rock, but we weren’t sure when we would be able to make that happen.  GOD HAS MADE IT HAPPEN.  He has opened up doors so that we can leave this place where we are frustrated and feel in danger.  And fast, too.  Whoever said that God doesn’t work quickly?

That’s two.

I was worrying yesterday about how we would scrounge up some extra money for this upcoming move.  I was afraid I would have to ask the company for an advance or something.  Last night Jay woke me up to tell me that the company I currently work for didn’t give me my full pay this week.  The odd thing was that it was around 1:00am, and I usually don’t get the money on my card until around 3:00 or 4:00am.  I checked my payment history on the website.  The money Jay found on the card was IN ADDITION TO my normal pay.  Out of the blue, I was paid $500 (before taxes).  I still don’t know why I was paid that money, but I’m not complaining.  Now we will have some money when we move.  Now we won’t have to worry about scrimping every penny so that we have a few bucks in our pocket for the drive up to West Virginia.

That’s three.

God is awesome.  I’ve seen in the past how He has helped us out of what seemed like impossible situations.  I have never before seen him just abundantly bless us.  I have no doubt that God has orchestrated this.  He has set this all into place.  I don’t believe this will be the last time, either.  I serve an incredible God.  All of this is because of Him.

Crazy Jay wrote about the experience HERE in case you’re interested in his point of view.   BTW – I did not read his post until after I wrote mine.

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3 thoughts on “My God Kicks Ass!


    My GOD is an awesome GOD. HE reigns from heaven above, with wisdom, power and love. My GOD is an awesome GOD.

    Second verse. Same as the first. A little bit LOUDER and a WHOLE LOT WORSE!

    My GOD…..


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