Buspar and My Already Spotty Memory

I found out over the weekend that buspar, the anti-anxiety medicine that I take causes memory problems.  Great.  It’s not like I don’t struggle with my memory anyway.  Lately, I have been forgetting things.  Forgetting conversations took place.  And not just flat out forgetting.  I’ve been misremembering things, too.

Jay has been telling me lately that I must not respect him or listen to what he says.  We will have a conversation, and shortly after I have forgotten it.  Not always.  Not every time.  Not every word.  But I forget enough conversations and partial conversations to make things difficult.

Jay and I had a pretty nasty fight in the middle of the night over the weekend.  I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong.  In fact, I was pretty sure I was doing exactly what Jay had requested of me.  I couldn’t understand why he was angry.  He reminded me of a conversation we had had, and I realized that I had misremembered what he said.  That’s when he started saying that he must not matter enough for me to listen to what he says.

He calmed down and I went to sleep.  He woke me up early in the morning to tell me he had been doing some research.  Turns out buspar causes memory problems.  No, not just memory LOSS, but memory PROBLEMS.  I take this to mean exactly what I have been experiencing:  Not being able to remember things unless reminded, not being able to remember things even WHEN reminded (like a blank spot in my memory), and remembering things incorrectly.

I’m glad that Jay took the time to do a little research.  When he woke me up, he had totally backed off of everything he was angry about.  I can’t really be blamed if the medicine is making my brain swiss cheese.

I guess this is one more thing that I will need to work to overcome.  As it is, I have to write down everything I need to do at work or I will forget.  I’m going to have a hard time writing down everything Jay says, though.  Maybe I should start walking around with a tape recorder…LMCAO

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7 thoughts on “Buspar and My Already Spotty Memory

  1. I don’t even want to imagine what that’d be like.
    Prayers to you both.

    And if you get a recorder, get one that has several hours of free record time and a really good, rechargeable battery.

    …’cause I’m guessing that Big John tends to be rather loquacious…

    • Gee, what would make you say that? Could it be the loooong, rambling blogs? Or the fact that he shots off five of them sometimes in one day? LOL too funny

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  4. Lora

    I just read your situation and I am rather relieved to have found your post. For the last few months, my memory has became so spotty and messed up that I had began to fear that I was developing dementia. I am a 39 year old, married mother of two teenage daughters and I was very concerned about this. I can’t remember hardly anything. I am a school teacher and I often times can’t remember what our lesson was about yesterday without writing these things down. Forget about going in to the grocery store without a list pre-made. I had really began to feel like I was losing my mind. Then I began to think about my medicine. It was roughly 5-6 months ago that my Dr. added buspirone to my daily two doses of Effexor. As I drove to work today, I began to try to remember when my memory problems began and ironically, I couldn’t remember when. I know this sounds silly, but if you ask me how long I have been taking Buspirone, my memory is so poor now, I may remember taking it 5 months, but who knows, I could have been on it for a year or so now.
    I am relieved to find out that this drug could be causing my memory problems. I am going to contact my Dr. to find out more.

  5. Anthony B.

    Same here. Been taking Buspirone 10 mg twice per day, and I’ve locked myself out of the house, locked the keys in the car, and forgetfulness is affecting my daily work routine. I too have to write everything down to jog my memory. I haven’t mentioned to the doc because this is the only thing that has worked for anxiety. It seems to be only very short term memory–like putting my cell phone down and completely forgetting where and have to call it to find it, but yeah, very definite blank spots, like Swiss cheese!

  6. I’m on the same medication and I’m also experiencing some short term memory loss . I can barely hold a conversation for more than 10 seconds because I get lost for words .

    Does your memory improve if you go off Buspar ? I’m gonna go see my doctor tomorrow .

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