Please Tell Him He’s Really Crazy

Crazy Jay would like me to ask everyone to take a little time and read his blog, and then comment on whether or not he actually has mental issues.  He used the word “crazy”, but I didn’t want anyone to think I was being insulting.  His most recent blog post is right here and is in response to the post I just wrote entitled Don’t Forget You’re Wearing Pink Glasses.  I’m not really sure why he needs this reassurance that he IS crazy.  All he has to do is read over his past blog posts.  WHOOP WHOOP!

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One thought on “Please Tell Him He’s Really Crazy

  1. Maybe I am Runnin’ Game. Maybe my GAME is so damned good that I have even been suckered in by it. Maybe I am manipulating MYSELF so that I can be crazy, but not really, and it is GOD. You know HE has a CRAZY sense of humor. POOT. OMG….where is Indonesia?

    Come on…someone has GOT to be able to see through this, right?

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