I do not have bipolar disorder

Every few days, or at least once a week, a search pops up in my WordPress stats.  It says something along the lines of “Meagan struggling with bipolar”.  Sometimes my last name is included, sometimes not.  To the person or people who keep entering that search, let me clear something up:


Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it is just incorrect.  I have borderline personality disorder.  While it is sometimes originally misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder, it is NOT the same thing, and I don’t have it.

Thank you.

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13 thoughts on “I do not have bipolar disorder

  1. Naw..it is DEFINITELY bi-polar, which is completely chemical. Those people looking for you and bi-polar KNOW that it has to be chemical because, if it were something like BPD, then that could have impact on them and THAT CANNOT BE. besides…bi-polar…bpd..ptsd… THEY don’t really bother to distinguish, do they?

    • Oh yes of course! People can’t own up to their shit, so let’s blame something else! Why are parents so unwilling to admit their own faults, but so willing to throw their children to the wolvess?

  2. BPD is used interchangeably for both bipolar and borderline personality…

    • People need to learn a thing called “meta-ethics” The clear defining of terms.

    • It may be used interchangeably, but that is NOT correct. Only ignorant people who don’t understand the difference use them interchangeably. Have you researched these two different disorders? One is a personality disorder that does not always respond well to medication, and another is a chemical imbalance that most usually REQUIRES medication. There may be some of the same attributes, but they are NOT the same disorder. Not to mention bipolar disorder is an Axis I mood disorder in the DSM-IV, but borderline personality disorder is an Axis II personality disorder. Sounds like they’re different to me…

    • ok. You are becoming tenuous. You indicated, rather softly, an EXPERT understanding, yet you continue to espouse a rather sophomoric understanding and need for self-validation that is beginning to border on being albatross-like.

      Really, if you can’t ADD to the discussion substantively, don’t continue to tell yourself that your voice alone is the Cherry on Top.

  3. I mean… stop PARSING so much. You say BORDERLINE, they say bi-polar…you say TOMATO, they say RUTAGEBA, right?

  4. Oh oh OH. do not tell me that bi-polar and BPD are interchangable! If they are used as such, it is only because of NEGLIGENT PROFESSIONALS because I have BOTH and they are DIFFERENT!

  5. Touché’ and there are those who have both, but that’s them, not you. 🙂

    • oh…whatwhatWHAT? have you not been paying attention. I DO have both bi-polar, and it is NOT the fun kind that people excuse with saying “bi-polar moment.” EVERY moment is a bi-poalr one for me. I am “rapid-cycling” like fuckin’ Lance Armstrong….PLUS BPD, PLUS PTSD…with a smidgen of OCD and maybe some others ???omg???

      Oh…I am sorry…was I invisible before? let me introduce myself. i am …….________.

    • I apologize. I reacted poorly. My issue, as is Meg’s, is with the SOFT ASSOCIATIONS that perpetuate the stigma. “Oh..you have a disease/ Cancer? Diabetes? Heart Failure? Whatever!…same thing, right?” The GENERALIZATION perpetuates the STIGMA which allows for CONTINUED IGNORING and DISMISSING.

      Would it be a “whatever” if you went to a MD and he said to you, “You either have a compound fracture of the tibia or a abdominal aortic aneurysm. We’re just gonna say you are “sick” and give you shot of penicillin. Get Better!”

      Then why should people dealing with mental issues have to deal with this SOFT diagnosis bullshit?

      • Shit, man… I just read that to Meg and she said THAT was HARSH, TOO. I am sorry. I will admit that a SKILL I need to work on is being able to make a hard point without coming across as HARD on people.

        Forgive me.

      • Lol I didn’t get the emails saying you guys responded. I ment “people” as a general term – tend to use bipolar and bpd interchangeably. As in they think they are the same thing, and that bpd stands for bipolar disorder! Lol you guys need to chill in the attacks! You both work each other up in a frenzy! Lol

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