Oh My God – DON’T TOUCH ME!!!

I wish I had the courage to tell people to back off and get out of my personal space.  I mean, I guess I can’t control if guys just LOOK at me, but why do they have to talk to me and be jerks?  Why do they think it’s ok to call me a “pretty girl” and put their arm around my shoulders?  How do I tell them it is unappreciated?  I guess I will have to walk around with a sour look on my face again.  Maybe I’ll start rubbing rotting onions on my clothes before I walk out the door.  Maybe that would dissuade those snapperheads who think that just because I am a female means that I want to be fawned over, touched, and harassed.

Yesterday I had some youngish dude talking to me, asking me to come up to his room to share the chicken that I brought home to the hotel for my husband and myself.  Today I heard a guy I work with talking about how he will see “a very pretty girl” when he walks around the corner (to my office).  When he appeared in my doorway, he said, “There she is!” and proceeded to walk over to me, put one arm around my shoulder, and squeeze like we were old friends or something.  He is a relatively new employee and I have only interacted with him a few times.  It even takes me a second to remember his name.  Why would someone think they could be so forward with a female employee?  Because I’m younger than him?  Is he thinking he’s treating me as his daughter?  Either way, we are in a PROFESSIONAL environment.  That means HANDS OFF, people!!

I know I have a tendency to overreact when ANYONE touches me, much less a male (he’s not worthy of being called “a man”), but, come on?  A HUG???  Pressing his cheek to my head?  In what world is THAT appropriate behavior?

I think this weekend I will have Crazy Jay pose for a freaky picture.  I’ll have his rock-n-roll hair wild, eyes wide and crazy, holding his huge-ass knives.  I’ll use it as the background on my computer.  Maybe then they’ll back off.

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5 thoughts on “Oh My God – DON’T TOUCH ME!!!

  1. I would be TICKLED to tell them… if you will ever tell me where to find them!

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  3. I think that’s a great idea

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  5. Omg I experience this very stuff. I hate people in my personal space especially if they are uninvited. Only a very select few people are allowed to touch me. I, too, get so sick of guys invading my space even with their looks and constant immature ways of trying to get my attention. Maybe if I show them my crazy they will think twice. I didn’t mean to go off about myself here. I enjoyed your post and was wondering if this part of me was related to my BP or not. Ty for sharing.

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