Coming to My Defense

Crazy Jay decided it was too difficult to stay quiet about the stupid-ass comment some G.I. Joe loser left on my blog.  I don’t blame him.  I’m glad he popped up to say something.  His comment to Serpentor is below.

“OK, IDIOT… every single one of my issues stem from LONG before I met Meg. Your assumptions offend me. How ignorant can you possibly be to say that NO ONE with BPD can make progress? First, it is just intellectually STUPID to use extreme terms like NO ONE or ALWAYS, so here’s your sign, fuck stick!

Really? Meg has made ZERO progress? Again, you reveal your STUNNING DULLNESS. Hey, asshole…here’s a question: Who is in a better position to know if Meg is making progress, you, who DO NOT KNOW HER or me, who lives with here every day. RIGHT! ME! You win the prize!

You have no idea how many people are PISSED OFF that we have to even listen to drivel like that so I am going to suggest to Meg that she POST your response as a blog, with your name, so that ALL the people who read her blog can know what a piece of shit you are. I hope they ALL decide to write you, too.

Your whole assessment of 10/80/10 good people to bad is bullshit, depending on your frame of reference. Wanna know what I think? I think you have just been bullied around your whole life so you are angry and bitter. You think no one else can make progress because, if ANYONE could, then why couldn’t the people who bullied you have stopped. Maybe they didn’t love you enough. Maybe you are not worth loving enough because you are a nasty, vitriolic. Or do YOU have BPD and you want want an excuse to be BAD. Most people who talk out of their asses with NO knowledge are just looking to excuse themselves for something. Maybe if you do have BPD Mommy just hurt you too badly to recover.

Don’t push your shit on other people! That’s called PROJECTION, although I am sure you knew that. I could tell from your comment that you are a STUDIED PROFESSIONAL!

ALL people are bad, but there is one mother fucker who is just about the meanest Monkey there is. Can ya guess who? Say some stupid ass, ignorant, self righteous uninformed shit like that to My Girl again and my NEXT response won’t be so kind.”

It’s too bad that guy doesn’t have a blog that I can blast off on.  Oh, wait…that must be my evil BPD speaking.  Don’t mind me.

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8 thoughts on “Coming to My Defense

  1. Yes Jay!

    And my horns are only there to hold up my halo…

  2. I’m sorry you got a comment like that! If it got one like that, I’d probably lose it and go into a panicky borderline fit.

    Maybe my brain is just far too messed up, but I sortof feel bad for the commenter. I obviously don’t condone his (her?) actions, but I have a tendency to have extreme empathy, and I know it would take a lot of built up shit to lead someone to be so willfully hateful and ignorant. I just hope he gets some help before it gets him in some real trouble. :/

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