Serpentor is Shit

What is wrong with people?  Why would a person think that it is ok to go onto a person’s blog, who is blogging about their MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES, and tell them that they are evil?  Seriously…what would prompt them to go to a person’s blog just to spew their hate?  I received the below comment today on one of my older posts.

“Quick question, did your husband have PTSD and the other disorders before you?  I’m going to guess no.  #1 side effect from being with a BPD is PTSD.  And your listing his disorders in your profile is VERY BPD of you.  You’ve made 0 progress, because BPD’s are immune to progress.  Why do you think only BPD’s, which have had the same experiences as plenty of sane people, are the only ones that can never overcome it?  Easy, 10% of people are good no matter what, 80% pushable to good or evil, and 10% are evil no matter what.  BPD’s are the 10% evil which is why they never change or get better.  Just bad people.”

As far as I can tell, the person piece of shit who decided to leave their comment on my blog is a sad, small person with nothing better to do than bring others down.  Hmmm…sounds like he is among that 10% evil.  Maybe he has BPD.  I couldn’t find a blog/wordpress site that belonged to him.  He didn’t even have a profile.  The name he gave was Serpentor.  When I googled that name, thinking I may find some info on this person piece of shit, I found that “Serpentor” is a G.I. Joe character.  What a loser.

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12 thoughts on “Serpentor is Shit

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  2. Are you serious? What a fucking loser! You can get better from BPD! Its called therapy and DBT. And what this fucking moron doesn’t obvisoulyknow is that you are BORN predesposded to develop BPD, it only develops because of an invalidating environment. Typically during childhood. So how is someone with BPD “just evil”? Trust, no one WANTS to be this way Serpentor! But those that are in denial are the first to place the issue on someone else! Serpentor, sociopath comes to mind….so go look in a mirror you FUCK TARD!

    • Well, douchelord is currently occupied by my ex. Can’t call him retard cause that’s just wrong to raise him up to the level of the mentally imparied folks…so fuck tard works. He also qualifies for Ass Hat!

  3. Oh what a muppet sorry to hear you had such a horrible troll I bet they’ve been listening to that sicko of a ‘doctor’ who basically says the same thing. We will be helped and come to some sort of level…he will stay the same until he says the wrong thing to the wrong person and pays for it.
    Hope you and Jay are ok after what he said.

  4. Lol yes I’m UK based.
    Was too intrigued and was about to ask which post….it’s so short, has nothing whatsoever to do with hers or your conditions (google won out on that one)…that’s just too strange. I guess it could be either, but unfortunately the family thing sounds all too likely since it would take an awful lot of effort to read them, search for an old post and put that much venom into it afterwards for no other reason.

    Oh and if you like linguistics you might want to add ‘doyle’ into your lexicon under the same heading 😉

  5. Wow. So glad you can see this piece of ass for what he really is – a small minded jerk with nothing better to do. Just think, he wasted his time writing that to you – he obviously has nothing in his life to keep him busy. Keep smiling sweetheart, you are doing great. xx

  6. My Mum has BPD and she can be heinous at times, but she is also very loving, compassionate and one of the most honest people on this planet. I work with a lot of BPDs and they are truly some of my favourite clients. Serpentor probably has OCPD…people with that PD are very critical and think they are right all the time…they also like to espouse their own beliefs for everyone to hear and don’t care how offensive they might be. They are very rigid and stubborn and have a far poorer prognosis in therapy than BPDs do. Our mate Serpentor is probably very OCPD. Megan, at least you have insight into your personality disorder…Serpentor is very insightless and lacks compassion…what’s the opposite to compassionate…I guess it’s probably evil. Keep being you. I enjoy reading your blog and Crazy Jay’s comments too 😉

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