This is a post from Multifarious Miscellany. I have heard over and over that Christians who struggle with mental illness aren’t trusting God. And it is wrong to take psych meds for the same reason. That is bullshit! My God put people on the earth to help His struggling people. He gave doctors the knowledge and technology to help others. We also live in a fallen world, so of course Christians are going to have mental issues just the same as they are going to have physical issues. This is an awesome post, and I would recommend reading it if you are tired of being told that you don’t trust God enough because you have a mental illness. It’s also great to read if you are one of those judgmental people who would say something silly like that. Read and learn.

multifarious miscellany

I have two statements for you:

1. I am, for lack of better term, a Christian.
2. I have mental illnesses.

Those two statements are not mutually exclusive. Period.

For the purpose of making this easier, I’m going to use the term Christian, even though it tends to come along with its own misconceptions. I believe in God as a part of the Trinity, and I have my own unique relationship with Him. That is my answer to “What religion are you?”, but “Christian” is significantly shorter.

This is going to sound familiar to my Facebook friends, but I am tired of hearing that people with mental illnesses are Christian failures who don’t deserve God’s love. Some of these sentiments come from non-Christians sarcastically wondering how God can be considered so great if He lets bad things happen to good people. Sadly, more often than not, this condemnation comes from…

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