Awww, so sweet! This is a post from my eccentric husband.

Crazy Jay - The Consummate Chameleon! "A spark of genius quenched in misery." The Esoteric Eccentric

I heard this story a long time ago and, right after Meg and I married, I referenced it.  For several different reasons, I stopped.

I had a bit of clarity earlier and this story came to mind.  Actually, it has been banging around in my head for a while and now I know why.

Here is the story.  I heard it from a friend:

In some places in the world, daughters are PURCHASED by suitors and the transaction is barter.  We are talking primitive societies so basically it is like, “Let me marry your daughter and I will give you two sheep.”  The HIGHEST form of payment is COWS.  They are valuable.

So, there was this guy who had a daughter that people looked at and thought, “Eh… she’s alright.”  The father concluded that, maybe, he could get two goats for her.  Not that there was anything WRONG with her……

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