Crazy Jay’s and my TEN YEAR wedding anniversary was a couple weeks ago.  We were able to spend five days renting a guest house on a 60 acre farm in Berkeley Springs WV.  The farm was named Sunset Mountain Farm and had INCREDIBLE views of the mountains and…you guessed it!  Sunsets!


It was a BEAUTIFUL place to go.  There were two ponds on the property, and we had five days of gorgeous weather.  Mayo liked the water, too!!

298  287

I found that I really enjoy kayaking, but I won’t post a picture of that.  LOL  We went fishing, and discovered the stupidest fish imaginable!  They got caught with lures!!  FAKE WORMS!!!!  LOL  I guess it’s a normal thing, but I was just cracking up over it.  Jay caught several fish, and I caught a bass.  I’m told that catching a bass is better than the perch or sunfish Jay caught.  Bwa-ha-ha!!  I used BROWNIES as bait, much to Jay’s dismay.

We took a walk through the woods, and found numerous MONSTROUS-sized ant hills.  They were probably three to four FEET in diameter!!  HUGE!!!!!!  We also cooked on the grill outside a few times.  I love reasons to eat A1 Sauce!  Inside the guest house, there was a really pretty stone fire place.  Jay built an AWESOME fire and kept it going all night.


Jay and I don’t have many pictures of ourselves together.  We aren’t very often around other people to get pictures taken of ourselves.  There is one picture of us that is really good.  It was taken a few years ago at Thanksgiving.  Both of us mistakenly deleted the original picture from our computers/emails.  The only copy we have was printed off using a desktop printer and just regular printing paper.  It had been covered with clear tape in an attempt to try and preserve the only remaining copy.  For my anniversary present, Jay took the crappy copy of the picture to some photo shop and had it reproduced, and printed in LARGE size so we can hang it on the wall.  We also got a jpeg copy to keep on the computer.  This was such an amazing gift!!  I told Jay I would rather he not buy me something, but create/compile something sentimental.  After all, not many people make it to ten years!!  We have had our problems over the years, and he and I are working on issues separately and together, but I would marry him all over again, given the chance!!

Thanksgiving 2011 (1)

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16 thoughts on “TEN YEARS!!! HELLS YEAH!!!!!!

  1. It was a blast. I love you. EVERYONE, raise your glasses to ten more years and beyond!

  2. Mandi

    I feel a tad teary! 10yrs is a long time for anyone. 10yrs with mental illnesses, fucked up family and friends who deserted even before you were married… Just a really good reminder that our God is bigger than it all.

  3. Rose

    What a great picture of you two! That is such a sweet, thoughtful gift. I wish you two the most happiness possible…you have made it ten years through so many obstacles…I’m sure many many more are in your future!

  4. Boats an Ho’s. Boats and Ho’s…… and Meg thought getting in that kayak was HER idea. heh heh heh

  5. justwanttobefree


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