Staying Focused

Lately I’ve been rather distracted at work.  It seems that if I don’t have non-stop, thought-provoking work to keep me busy, I get involved in other things.  Flipping around on webpages, reading my kindle for PC, working on Crazy Jay’s Christmas gifts, and, oh, yeah…writing and reading blog posts.  There is a lot of work that I have let slide.  The boring, tedious work that needs to be done on a daily basis, but that is not so important that it will matter too much if you miss a day.  Or sixteen.

Today I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed with all I have to do.  There is an air of stress and urgency in the office anyway, though none of it is directed towards me, or most of the work I do on a regular basis.  I decided that I would create an affirmation to help me stay focused and get the maximum amount of work done.  Once I’m finished writing this post, that is.

On a large post-it note placed on a prominent area on my desk I have written the following affirmation:

I stay focused and motivated.  I am able to complete all the necessary tasks with ease.

Every time (again, after this!!) I feel my mind straying, or I start to feel overwhelmed, I am going to repeat this affirmation.  I am quite sure today will be my most productive in a long time!

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8 thoughts on “Staying Focused

  1. Easy to let things slide … and difficult to work in stress and tension. You’ve created a good affirmation (EFT process?) If you’re at all like me, and we all share many commonalities, even if the tension isn’t directed at me or my work, I still absorb it and react to it.

    Sounds like you’ve got a great plan! Hope it’s a Very productive day for you.

    • Thank you! It was very productive. I was pleased with all I accomplished, though I’m wondering what I’m going to do today!!! LOL I think I finished everything up!

  2. fruus

    Good read! You should post it on

  3. good luck – good affirmation. you can do it!

  4. I am SOOOOO glad you feel this way! Just remember it when you get home and see the kitchen after I have been chasing butterflies all day. Just remember… you are FULLY CAPABLE of washing ALL of the dishes and there is NO NEED to be mad at me. (these are not the droids you seek!)

  5. Mandi

    I’m emailing you what I feel what be a great affirmation reminder. And maybe a great blog background picture. Just a thought. Because doggonit, I like you.

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