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¡Atrapé la Chupacabra!


Su debilidad es guisantes de azúcar.  (Jay y yo compramos Rosetta Stone para esta Navidad.)

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You are asking me to swallow the sun…

AWESOME post! Nice reminder that WE are in control, and cannot put the responsibility for our happiness, or the blame for our pain, on other people. Don’t place your expectations on others. Remember that one only has control over their reaction to a situation…not the situation itself. There are valuable lessons to be learned by all in this post. Thank you, rebeccainspiresnow!

Rebecca Inspires Now

“Don’t let me down.” Remember that time when you believed that someone held the answer to your happiness? Remember when you had expectations and people met them? Hopefully you grew up with food, shelter and love. Some of us didn’t get all three at the same time. And it was then that don-don-don-doooooon, we were disappointed!

Thus began the hunt for people you could depend upon and trust. Your best friend. Your teacher. Your first love. Your spouse. And then, they showed their humanity, made mistakes and let you down. Now you are self-reliant and subscribe to the best approach: “I”ll just do it myself, it’s faster/better/easier/safer that way.”

Alas, it’s exhausting to live like that, isn’t it?

Expectations: To paraphrase author Elizabeth Gilbert in her TED talk about the weight of creative genius, she said that expecting someone to take responsibility for that genius is like, “asking someone to…

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Contaminated Water = Weekend Getaway

So it looks like Crazy Jay, the puppies and I are going to be heading north for the weekend.

There was a lovely (not-so-lovely) little (not-so-little) chemical spill in a river VERY nearby where we live.  We have been told not to use tap water to drink, wash clothes, bathe, or anything other than to flush toilets and put out fires.  There is a sickeningly sweet smell in the air for several miles around our house.  It’s been described as smelling like “licorice” or “cough syrup”.  The water coming from our sink, toilet and tub smell the same.  Being outside for too long today has made me dizzy and nauseas, and Jay has been sick and vomiting all day due to the smell.  He’s stuck at home, which is only about two miles away from the chemical spill.  I’m about ten miles away at work.  I still can’t use the water here, but at least the air isn’t rife with a smell that makes me sick.  We have decided that it’s probably not safe to stick around at our house this weekend, so we are driving about 80 miles north, to a city that has not been affected.  Since we’ve had to stay in hotels so much for my work, we have several free night stays at a couple different hotels, and are going to take advantage of two free nights this weekend.

This morning when I was driving into work, still feeling sick from the errands I ran beforehand, I was trying very hard not to worry about the chemical spill, and the lack of bottled water in the area.  I used my fall back affirmation:

All is well.  Everything is working for my highest good.  Only good can come from this situation.  I am safe.

Now, honestly, that may not be the best affirmation to use in this situation, but it is the only one I could think of while driving and feeling muddle headed due to the chemical in the air.  I think a better affirmation would be along the lines of there being nothing I can do about the situation, and trying to feel calm in spite of that.  Either way, my affirmation worked!  At least, part of it.  Good HAS come from this situation.  The fambly and I are going away for the weekend.  We will take a break from a weekend of running errands and doing laundry, and just RELAX.  Hopefully by the time we get back to town Sunday afternoon, the majority of this mess will be resolved.  I am confident that between FEMA and the National Guard, things will be taken care of quickly.  Let’s hope THAT affirmation works!

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Please Come Back

His look of love makes me feel secure.

He softly, slowly kisses my forehead.

His gentle caress leaves me wanting more.

My happiest day was the day we wed.


Suddenly, he’s cruelly ripped from my arms.

The Monkey drags him, kicking and screaming.

Happened so fast, guess I missed the alarms.

Watching him go, I feel tears streaming.


My love’s gone.  Here’s a stranger with his face.

His heart now dark, his anger rends my soul.

His nasty words I wish I could erase.

This vile Monkey is out of control.


I ache for my husband and miss him so.

He’ll come back, but he’ll leave again, I know.

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