My Final Post

I have decided that this will be my last post on my Struggling With BPD blog.  I have been blogging under this address for almost two years.  When I originally started this blog, I was trying to work out my many mental and emotional issues, and I was hoping this would be a therapeutic way to deal with my borderline personality disorder.  It seems that this blog has fulfilled its purpose.  According to the standards set forth in the DSM-IV, I no longer meet the criteria for BPD, and I haven’t for several months.  I feel that I can no longer blog under this address, and am considering starting a different blog.  I don’t know the topic of my next blog, or even if there will be one, but as soon as I’ve made the decision, I will post the address, just in case anyone who has been following me is interested.

I have been contemplating the decision to write my final post on this blog for several weeks.  I have noticed that I have not been writing in the past six months nearly as much as I have in the past.  To be honest, I just haven’t felt like writing about something that would “fit” into this blog.  I am at a different place in my life than I was when I started this, and my head is not nearly as muddled as it used to be, so I haven’t felt the need to post.

I have enjoyed blogging here, and I very much appreciate all the comments and advice I have received.  I will keep this blog address public, and will respond to comments as they come.  I hope everyone is able to find peace and happiness.  I’ve learned it’s a hard life if those things are lacking.

The future is good.  I look forward with hope and happiness.

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12 thoughts on “My Final Post

  1. Please do keep blogging and let me know if it is under the different pseudonym/address/etc. Your success is an inspiration, one that I hope you continue to share with others!

  2. So happy for you that things are getting better (or have become better)! Please do let us all know if you decide to blog elsewhere. Best always, Rose

  3. Best of luck and I’m really happy you’re in aaa better place now !

  4. I am glad you are mostly recovered. Thats a great achievement. I hope you do start another blog about something else. XX

  5. justjilma

    I’m so proud of all that you’ve accomplished. I know that whether you continue to blog or not that you’ll keep doing great things. Keep up the amazing work chica 🙂

  6. freddy

    Best of luck to you. It takes strength to publicly blog about our pain and even our joy and I wish you all the best.

  7. Best of luck to you!

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