BPD Song List By P!nk

Though I cannot find confirmation anywhere, I am convinced that the artist P!nk (real name Alecia B. Moore) has borderline personality disorder.  I have watched and read many interviews she’s given, and listened to all of her songs over the years.  There is no way she could write some of the things she does if she did not have BPD.  Based on what I have read online and heard P!nk say, she had a troubled childhood, turned to drugs early on, struggled with self-harm, and experiences a tumultuous relationship with her husband.  Many of the topics she sings about are ones that I can relate to and have experienced myself.  I think her song “My Signature Move” is the best example of her experiences with borderline personality disorder.

I have posted some of her videos, so I decided to make a page with nothing but P!nk songs.  I will be adding to this from time to time, but right now I just wanted all of her music to be in one place.  I really can relate to almost every song she’s written, and I know that many others with BPD (and without) can relate to her as well.

The following list are songs that I think really typify borderline personality disorder:

  • “Fuckin’ Perfect”
  • “True Love”
  • “How Come You’re Not Here”
  • “Just Give Me a Reason”
  • “Family Portrait”
  • “Numb”
  • “Is It Love”
  • “Eventually”
  • “Conversations with My 13-Year Old Self”
  • “Nobody Knows”
  • “Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)”
  • “Split Personality”
  • “One Foot Wrong”
  • “Mean”
  • “Lonely Girl”
  • “It’s All Your Fault”
  • “Runaway”
  • “Long Way to Happy”
  • “Don’t Let Me Get Me”
  • “Please Don’t Leave Me”
  • “Push You Away”
  • “Could’ve Had Everything”
  • “Timebomb”
  • “Chaos & Piss”
  • “I Can’t Help It”

I have posted some of them, but not all.  I encourage you to check out the songs that I have not included below.  You won’t regret it!  Also, I’m sure that there are probably more P!nk songs that sound BPD-ish that I have missed.  Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments!

P!nk – “Nobody Knows”

P!nk – “Numb”

P!nk to improve your mood – “Slut Like You” and “Walk of Shame”

P!nk – “True Love”

P!nk says I’m “F*ckin’ Perfect”

P!nk – “My Signature Move”

P!nk – “The Great Escape”

Making You SMILE with More P!nk

P!nk – “Run” (a song for her daughter)

P!nk – “Good Old Days”

P!nk – “Chaos & Piss”

P!nk – “Conversations With My 13-Year Old Self”

P!nk – “Eventually”


26 thoughts on “BPD Song List By P!nk

  1. I hadn’t really thought about this before but it actually makes a lot of sense. I love her songs.

  2. Jon

    Fascinating, my BPD ex/not so ex listens to Pink obsessively and attributes her love of Pink’s music to our tumultuous relationship. Thank you for the eye opener, this explains a lot. Makes me appreciate it Pink.

    Thank You

  3. Thanks for the list. I know a lot of pink songs and are very recognizable, but when I saw ‘Just give me a reason’ standing here, i instantly knew why that song makes me tear up so much. The way she talks.. ‘Your willing victim… I let you see the parts of me that weren’t all that pretty & with every touch you fixed them…Tell me that you’ve had enough of our love” his answers ‘I dont understand where all of this is coming from.. my dear we still have everything and its all in your mind..(tear ducts and rust) I’ll fix it for us’ and I could go on and on, but since you put the song on here you know what I mean. Damn.. what he says really makes me wish someone would say that to me. Uhm.. I just wanted to tell you this. Kinda got carried away.
    Thanks for the list!

  4. Amelia

    Her songs definitely reflect BPD. The song Love Interruption by Jack White is definitely how I struggle in relationships with my BP traits.

  5. Jenna

    I bet you’d really like No Doubt’s album, Return of Saturn!! If you haven’t listened to it already, I really recommend that you do, even if you’re not a fan of the band. If not the whole album, please listen to the song “Comforting Lie.” 🙂
    Music- particularly emotive lyricism- is something I love passionately and could go on about for an absurd amount of time. I’ve been exploring your blog a little at a time. I saw this particular entry and had to comment. I’m twitching to start listing songs, but I’ll show some restraint!

    I am at the very beginning of my journey towards healing. And although I am thankful to have an answer to the question I’ve been asking ever since I can remember (“Oh my GOD, WHAT is WRONG with me???), this shit is still really hard. And really heavy.
    And now when I feel low, or at a standstill, or discouraged, I find something to read. I did a Google search with various key words about BPD, and one of your blogs came up.

    Thank you for the things you share. They are a source of guidance.

    • I’ll definitely look for the song. Thanks for the suggestion! I’m sorry to hear you’re only at the beginning of your journey…I know there are times it feels like things will always be horrible. It will get better, though! Good for you for finding a way to distract yourself when you’re feeling low. Have a great day!! 🙂

  6. You’ve got that right, sister! I am CrazyJay, Meg’s husband, and I can vouch that everything she is SAYING, she is DOING and it has been a tremendous help for me, too. I, personally, am a little bit whackadoo myself and I have tried for decades to “fix myself.” All of my attempts failed and I was utterly discouraged and loathing myself. Then, Meg and I met New Age Therapy Chick and she started talking about things differently. It made sense to me, but I was really struggling to make the connection in my head. What has helped me GREATLY is that Meg started applying the principles she is talking about and I could SEE a difference. That gave me hope for myself. Now, from ALL accounts from ALL of the people in my life (ALL three of them), I am told that I am doing better, too. I am dubious because I see how much farther I need to go. Meg tells me stuff like I shouldn’t think about my flaws and stuff. Rather, be in the moment and appreciate NOW.

    I know how hard this fucked up crazy thing is. I have lived with it my whole life and it is only by the grace of GOD, and quite a miracle, that I am even alive. I thought I was just fucked forever. I watched Meg deal with some heavy shit, too. I can tell you there were times when she didn’t think she would get through it. What I see NOW, though, IN THIS MOMENT, every day in front of my face, is Meg getting better. I don’t mean just coping and slogging through, I mean GETTING BETTER! She laughs. She jokes. She dresses differently. She walks differently. She entire demeanor is less critical because she FEELS better

    I have said all of that to say this: You hit the nail right on the head- Meg is a great example and, as a very “agressieve” krutoi, her husband and 17 years her senior, I am smart enough and have the nous and humility to admit that she has been a great source of guidance, encouragement and information. Aside from GOD, who controls everything, it has been Meg who has been the greatest help to me in any progress that I am have.

    She is VERY LUCKY to be married to someone who appreciates her so fully, wouldn’t you say? LMAO WHOOP!

    • Jenna

      Nice to meet you, Crazy Jay!

      “I am on the mend;
      at least now I can say that I am trying,
      and I hope you will forgive
      things I still lack”

      ^That’s where I’m at right now. Only months ago I was listening to those lyrics thinking, “that will never be me. I will never know what it feels like to genuinely identify with those words. All I will ever have are punctuated moments of thinking I can during the similarly abbreviated ‘upswings’ where I’m ‘optimist for a day.'”
      Something’s different this time. Not only do I have hope, but it has persisted.

      But when I get low, I become more susceptible to what I have come to call “the abyss.” I’m learning that although it might grow easier with time, the fight is exhausting. It seems to require an endless supply of effort. Excruciating at times. There’s a lot of second guessing, a lot of trickery created by my own mind to fuck with itself, and certainly a lot of feeling really fucking alone.

      Reading the entries in this blog isn’t just “telling” me that I’m not alone, it’s SHOWING and TEACHING me that I’m not. I’ve not really experienced it like that. Getting such an enthusiastic voucher from you makes it even better, so thank you! You guys support each other in a way that I had thought was only fictionally ideal. With that said, I’m sure I don’t even know the extent of the challenges you have faced. But it’s still very inspiring.

      • HA!. I suppose it does only sound ideal fictionally. Probably because it makes no sense that we have survived, individually or as a couple. There were many times when we didn’t know who we wanted to kill more, ourselves or each other. Both Meg and I are convinced that the only reason we are around is because of GOD. He gave us the ability NOT to give up on ourselves, each other or our marriage. It is because of what my therapist tells me and what I see Meg do and how it works that I was able to find HOPE. For a long time I felt like I was already dead inside and just “dong time” until my body figured it out. I don’t feel that way today… or at least I don’t feel that way right now, and “right now/ this moment” is all we have, isn’t it?

        You are NOT alone and it CAN get better.

    • LOL You crazy man.

  7. kathleen

    I just learned recently that I was diagnosed with bpd years ago and nobody had explained to me what it was or any other approaches to treatment they just wrote me another prescription. Learning abotu it has been tough but also given me hope that things can change….

    Anyhow I listen to pink obsessively because I feel so touched by her songs and it just clued in to me why that might be this morning. My boyfriend doesn’t get it at all he doesn’t think her music is that good and said that she sounds like kind of a bitch lol!

    “sober” really speaks to me the most because of my struggle to use drugs and alcohol and as a result sometimes hookups to escape my feelings

  8. Flo

    Add ‘I don’t believe you’ to that list. Very often I struggle with accepting that a relationship is over and cannot let go.

  9. Charisse

    I haven’t heard more than half of the songs you listed but I thought I was the only one who noticed Pink songs being BPD songs. I love her. And thank you for sharing more titles. I’ve heard all of the listed songs (and more) and yep I can definitely relate to her songs.

  10. Definitely gotta add “Sober” to the P!ink playlist – I’m sure many folks w/ BPD or addiction struggles can relate

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  12. pauline

    I have relised I have bpd and I now can undersatand two things one y my relationships fuck up all the time and I love pink so much and relate to her songs so thanks pink ur great

  13. I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder but the psychiatrist said I had BPD traits and was reluctant to give me a definite diagnosis. For me, it ended years and years of me feeling different. I knew I wasn’t just depressed. In fact, I wonder if the depression is borne by the awful feelings of being different that BPD brings? Dunno. But I am glad I found this blog. Back to Pink, Eventually and Please Dont Leave Me defintely resonate with me. I think Make Me Sick should be added to your list Meagan xxx

  14. Sorry if I have spelt your name wrong!!!

  15. Lethealis

    You’re missing Sober 🙂

  16. Paige

    She has said she’s BPD.

  17. Laura

    You are so right ! I think she might too ! I can relate to her songs so much ! I was diagnosed late in life unfortunately. I was was just watching a P!nk concert and when I heard Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely), I though, DAMN ! This is my theme song ! I messaged a friend who also has BPD and sent him (YES HIM 😉 ) the lyric video and he sent me a link to this blog ! I am so glad he did !

  18. Bobbi

    I’m so glad you put this together. Pink is a huge part of my BPD therapy. I cannot always communicate well, especially if I’m dissassociating at all. Her music explains how our lives are she confesses for me the truth about what I’m thinking. I know I’m a mess and confusing. I think it would be so good for people who know someone with BPD to hear them all. Maybe it could help them understand we don’t intend to be the way we are and we don’t like it any more than they do. But too often as with my family they cut us out calling us “overdramatic” or crazy. Music in general but especially Pink has the ability to explain the intense emotion most people don’t feel so easily. The song can help them to understand.
    Thank you I’ve thought this for a long time.

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