¡Atrapé la Chupacabra!


Su debilidad es guisantes de azúcar.  (Jay y yo compramos Rosetta Stone para esta Navidad.)

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The Newest Addition to Our Fambly

We got a new puppy!!!  Crazy Jay and I have been watching animal shows lately as a way to help calm ourselves, and keep our stress levels down.  The shows have mainly focused on puppies.  I just couldn’t get over how cute they were!  Jay and I have been talking about getting another dog, and watching the puppy shows just pushed us over the edge.  We started looking in the paper and online for free dogs.  Yesterday we found a puppy on Craigs List.  We think he is a cockipoo, which is a cocker spaniel mixed with a poodle.  There may be something else in there.  He was delivered to Jay yesterday while I was at work.  Jay was sending me pictures all day, and I was so anxious to get home!!  I must say, the pictures barely do this adorable little puppy any justice.  Meet Augustus!


AugustusIsn’t he so fucking cute?  I can barely stand it!!!

Augustus 3Augustus 2

So, that’s our new puppy!!  How can you look at that face and feel badly?

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