Contaminated Water = Weekend Getaway

So it looks like Crazy Jay, the puppies and I are going to be heading north for the weekend.

There was a lovely (not-so-lovely) little (not-so-little) chemical spill in a river VERY nearby where we live.  We have been told not to use tap water to drink, wash clothes, bathe, or anything other than to flush toilets and put out fires.  There is a sickeningly sweet smell in the air for several miles around our house.  It’s been described as smelling like “licorice” or “cough syrup”.  The water coming from our sink, toilet and tub smell the same.  Being outside for too long today has made me dizzy and nauseas, and Jay has been sick and vomiting all day due to the smell.  He’s stuck at home, which is only about two miles away from the chemical spill.  I’m about ten miles away at work.  I still can’t use the water here, but at least the air isn’t rife with a smell that makes me sick.  We have decided that it’s probably not safe to stick around at our house this weekend, so we are driving about 80 miles north, to a city that has not been affected.  Since we’ve had to stay in hotels so much for my work, we have several free night stays at a couple different hotels, and are going to take advantage of two free nights this weekend.

This morning when I was driving into work, still feeling sick from the errands I ran beforehand, I was trying very hard not to worry about the chemical spill, and the lack of bottled water in the area.  I used my fall back affirmation:

All is well.  Everything is working for my highest good.  Only good can come from this situation.  I am safe.

Now, honestly, that may not be the best affirmation to use in this situation, but it is the only one I could think of while driving and feeling muddle headed due to the chemical in the air.  I think a better affirmation would be along the lines of there being nothing I can do about the situation, and trying to feel calm in spite of that.  Either way, my affirmation worked!  At least, part of it.  Good HAS come from this situation.  The fambly and I are going away for the weekend.  We will take a break from a weekend of running errands and doing laundry, and just RELAX.  Hopefully by the time we get back to town Sunday afternoon, the majority of this mess will be resolved.  I am confident that between FEMA and the National Guard, things will be taken care of quickly.  Let’s hope THAT affirmation works!

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Crazy Jay’s and my TEN YEAR wedding anniversary was a couple weeks ago.  We were able to spend five days renting a guest house on a 60 acre farm in Berkeley Springs WV.  The farm was named Sunset Mountain Farm and had INCREDIBLE views of the mountains and…you guessed it!  Sunsets!


It was a BEAUTIFUL place to go.  There were two ponds on the property, and we had five days of gorgeous weather.  Mayo liked the water, too!!

298  287

I found that I really enjoy kayaking, but I won’t post a picture of that.  LOL  We went fishing, and discovered the stupidest fish imaginable!  They got caught with lures!!  FAKE WORMS!!!!  LOL  I guess it’s a normal thing, but I was just cracking up over it.  Jay caught several fish, and I caught a bass.  I’m told that catching a bass is better than the perch or sunfish Jay caught.  Bwa-ha-ha!!  I used BROWNIES as bait, much to Jay’s dismay.

We took a walk through the woods, and found numerous MONSTROUS-sized ant hills.  They were probably three to four FEET in diameter!!  HUGE!!!!!!  We also cooked on the grill outside a few times.  I love reasons to eat A1 Sauce!  Inside the guest house, there was a really pretty stone fire place.  Jay built an AWESOME fire and kept it going all night.


Jay and I don’t have many pictures of ourselves together.  We aren’t very often around other people to get pictures taken of ourselves.  There is one picture of us that is really good.  It was taken a few years ago at Thanksgiving.  Both of us mistakenly deleted the original picture from our computers/emails.  The only copy we have was printed off using a desktop printer and just regular printing paper.  It had been covered with clear tape in an attempt to try and preserve the only remaining copy.  For my anniversary present, Jay took the crappy copy of the picture to some photo shop and had it reproduced, and printed in LARGE size so we can hang it on the wall.  We also got a jpeg copy to keep on the computer.  This was such an amazing gift!!  I told Jay I would rather he not buy me something, but create/compile something sentimental.  After all, not many people make it to ten years!!  We have had our problems over the years, and he and I are working on issues separately and together, but I would marry him all over again, given the chance!!

Thanksgiving 2011 (1)

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Our Weekend in Portsmouth Ohio

This weekend, Jay and I packed up our fambly and headed to Portsmouth Ohio.  It’s located directly on the Ohio River.  One side of the Ohio River is in Kentucky, and one side is in Ohio.  We had an awesome weekend.  The area was beautiful, and Mayo (the dog) enjoyed splashing around in the Ohio River.  Below are some of my favorite pictures taken.

This is Jay and Mayo right at the bank of the Ohio River.  This was a couple blocks away from our hotel.

This is Jay and Mayo right at the bank of the Ohio River. This was a couple blocks away from our hotel.

This is the Ohio River.  I couldn't believe how HUGE it is!  Saturday was a gorgeous day to wander around on the river.

This is the Ohio River. I couldn’t believe how HUGE it is! Saturday was a gorgeous day to wander around on the river.

This was taken at the Shawnee State Forest, about 20 minutes outside our hotel.  Mayo looks like the star of the picture (even though Jay claims to be the star of EVERY picture)!

This was taken at the Shawnee State Forest, about 20 minutes outside our hotel. Mayo looks like the star of the picture (even though Jay claims to be the star of EVERY picture)!

This was Bear Lake at Shawnee State Forest.  Right at the edge of the lake, there is a drop off and mini man-made waterfall.

This was Bear Lake at Shawnee State Forest. Right at the edge of the lake, there is a drop off and mini man-made waterfall.

This is a side view of the drop off at Bear Lake.

This is a side view of the drop off at Bear Lake.

This one cracks me up.  I love how Mayo's looking out from underneath Jay's arm.

This one cracks me up. I love how Mayo’s looking out from underneath Jay’s arm.

And here is Jay showing off his weapons.  Brass nuckles, his Escrima stick, and I'm not even sure how many knives he was strapped up with.  He was prepared in case one of those "Wrong Turn" situations happened!

And here is Jay showing off his weapons. Brass nuckles, his Escrima stick, and I’m not even sure how many knives he was strapped up with. He was prepared in case one of those “Wrong Turn” situations happened!

This is Jay and Mayo walking along the Ohio again.  Everyone and everything was coated with muddy sand by the time we got back to the car.

This is Jay and Mayo walking along the Ohio again. Everyone and everything was coated with muddy sand by the time we got back to the car.

Oh, yeah.  And THIS was the view from our hotel.  It's a little pixilated-looking because the picture was taken through a screen.  You get the idea, though.

Oh, yeah. And THIS was the view from our hotel. It’s a little pixilated-looking because the picture was taken through a screen. You get the idea, though.

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Deuces to Little Rock!

Well, it’s official:  We will be leaving Little Rock on Thanksgiving to begin our journey to Wild Wonderful West Virginia.  I was thinking on the drive home from work yesterday, and I realized, much to my surprise, that there were some things I was going to miss about Little Rock.  Not many things.  I doubt I can churn out a list of 20 things I will miss, like the list of things I won’t miss, but I’ll give it try.

1)        Liquor stores on literally every corner:  I love that you don’t have to drive too far here to find a liquor store.  Not only are there liquor stores everywhere, but they are DRIVE THROUGH!!  I love that!  I had never experienced drive through liquor stores before.  If they are not in West Virginia, I know I will definitely miss them.  I may cry myself to sleep over the loss of those lovely drive through liquor stores.

2)       The straight roads:  Jay and I have finally been able to start taking drives again.  We drove around Virginia all the time when we first got married.  The roads in Virginia are curvy and steep.  They can be hard to manage if you aren’t used to them.  I am so happy that the roads in Arkansas are fairly straight.  Now I don’t have to worry about focusing so much on steering through a sharp turn or curvy road, and I can see more of the beautiful scenery.

3)       The lack of wildlife:  Little Rock may have bugs galore, but they don’t have a lot of animals wandering the roads.  Well, expect for the stray dogs.  I was talking more about deer, though.  In Virginia (and I’m sure it will be the same in West Virginia) I had to be constantly on guard for deer.  I remember driving through the woods with high levels of anxiety, waiting for deer to jump in front of my vehicle.  In Little Rock, even though you often drive through the woods or what appears to be the middle of nowhere, deer are not a big concern.  I think I have seen two deer in the three years I’ve been here.  There also aren’t cows all over the place.  One would hear about car accidents involving cows from time to time in Virginia.  Not a problem in Little Rock.  In fact, I have only seen one herd of cows since I’ve been here, and that was last weekend.

4)       The lousy work ethic:  I have to say, working for a series of bosses who are used to the poor attitude of employees has really been a plus for me.  I’m usually a very good employee.  I come in on time or early, I stay late if need be, and when at work, I actually WORK.  I have been given a lot of freedom while working various positions in Little Rock.  A supervisor I had here said that he couldn’t expect people to show up for work, come in on time, or be productive while there because the pay was so low.  Great!  I would take long breaks there to run personal errands.  If I wanted to sleep a little later, I wasn’t worried about showing up to work late.  I went in hung over many a time.  Yeah, I think I’m going to miss the overall lazy attitude of the employees here.  It made me look good!

5)       The lack of police coverage:  For a place that ranks significantly higher than the national average for violent crimes, there are a surprisingly low number of police officers roaming the town.  Occasionally I’ll see a state trooper on the highway, but the local boys rarely come out.  I guess you can’t blame them with all the Shipley’s Donuts in Little Rock.  I don’t mind, though.  Not at all.

6)       The loose vehicle and driving laws:  Not only is a car inspection NOT required in Arkansas, the cops down here (at least in Little Rock) don’t care too much about enforcing the vehicle laws they DO have.  Jay and I drove around for FOUR MONTHS on dead Virginia license plates when we first moved to Arkansas.  The cops didn’t care about our vehicle being in accordance with Arkansas state law, so we didn’t, either.  Also, the cops pretty much let you do whatever you want as far as driving.  People here park on the wrong side of the street facing the wrong direction.  They will be driving down the road, on the right as they should, and decide to pull over on the LEFT, facing oncoming traffic.  They also park under “No Parking Anytime” signs.  I’ve seen people go so far as to pull up and drive a little on the sidewalk if they don’t like how slowly traffic is moving.  Not to mention they are all the time cutting people off, running red lights, and just generally driving a like maniacs.  I’m assuming it’s all acceptable because we are in backwards Arkansas.  I’ll have a hard time adjusting to hard and fast REAL laws in West Virginia.

7)       All the overweight people:  I know this may seem like a weird thing to miss, but I haven’t been too concerned about losing weight because most of the people in Little Rock who are not hooked on crack or meth are AT LEAST my size.  I don’t have to walk into any given situation and immediately feel like “the fat person” in the room.  There will be at least five others bigger than me!  I know this is not a healthy attitude to have, and of course I should want to be a healthy weight so I don’t die of some related disease.  It just helps my self-esteem a little, in a crazy, completely fucked up way.

8)       All the poor people:  LMCAO (laughing my CRAZY ass off, for those who have forgotten)  I know this is another weird thing to miss, but it was nice being around people who understood my financial situation.  In Virginia, I always felt badly because I couldn’t do things that other people asked me to do.  I probably wouldn’t have wanted to all the time anyway, but it really sucked to have to say no because I had no money.  In Little Rock, there are other people counting pennies for gas.  There are other people who go through the U-Scan at the grocery store so they won’t feel badly about taking their last $3.06 off their debit card.  There are other people who have to sell their blood two times a week in order to eat or feed their dog.


Well, that’s it, I suppose.  I really thought I could come up with AT LEAST ten.  Oh well.  Just like I have dumped people from my life for being mainly negative, I have been wanting to dump Little Rock for the same reason.  Now I have that chance.  On Thursday, November 22nd, I will be saying “Deuces!” to Little Rock as I watch it disappear in my rearview mirror.  Naw, I won’t really be watching.  I’ll be looking onward towards West Virginia.

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Ripping Out Throats Like a Mama Bear

My therapist asked me today where I was regarding my upcoming move.  She wanted to know where I stood on the scale that ranged from being really really super excited to being very unsure and thinking I was doing the wrong thing.  I told her I was very far up on the excited end.  Then she asked if I had any concerns about moving.  Well, there is one.

Jay has PTSD, among other things.  Sometimes in the middle of the night he can really get caught up in a dream.  Then, he wakes himself up and usually continues thinking he is in the dream, to a certain extent.  When he wakes up disoriented, he usually starts yelling.  It may be about one thing initially, but when he gets worked up like that and is loud and yelling, he usually continues yelling about other things.  He may wake up from an intense political dream and start screaming at me for being a “dirty liberal” (I’m a libertarian).  He will talk about how I voted on a certain bill and how I take everything that he says and will twist it to Obama’s benefit (he thinks I’m a congress person, I guess).  None of that is real.  He is immersed in his dream and caught up in what’s happening.  Once he realizes I’m not a liberal hell bent on destroying the values he stands for, he is still amped up and in yelling mode.  The topic will change from how I think Obama walks on water (I don’t, by the way), to what I did wrong during the day.  Or last week.  Or years ago.

Part of PTSD is thinking that things are happening RIGHT NOW, even if it happened years ago.  Jay has intense memories and dreams, and gets caught up in them.  Once he is caught up, it’s hard to bring him down.  I don’t think that’s the PTSD, though maybe it is.  I think that is more his bipolar or BPD, but I don’t know for sure.  Jay gets easily trapped in his memories.  We were watching some show the other day that had a funeral in it.  He became very upset and started crying.  Watching the funeral reminded him of the traumatic deaths of his brother and father, and made him feel like it was happening all over again.

My concern is that, since we will be staying in a hotel for at least the first few weeks, he will become upset during the night about something and start yelling, allowing all the people I work with (it’s a hotel for business travel and long-term corporate housing) to hear some of our issues.  Even if it’s a night where he is not upset at ME, but upset over a DREAM he had, they will still hear yelling.  They will hear him yelling at me, think that he is a dick who is mistreating me, and try to talk me out of being with him.  Believe me, it’s happened before.

Not only was my birth family pushing us to get divorced, I have had a couple employers talk to me about leaving him, and even a “friend” or two.  Professionally and in public I present myself very different than what I feel I actually am.  Professionally I am calm, dependable, productive, and efficient.  I am also very quiet and reserved professionally, and in public in general.  Since I feel I don’t quite know how to act around others, I tend to keep my mouth shut.  I don’t want to do something to embarrass myself.  What people see is that I am this nice, sweet, quiet, vulnerable girl who needs protecting, and that I am married to the Big Bad Wolf.  Believe me, that is so not the case.  Neither side.  I am not sweet and vulnerable and he is not a predator looking to take advantage of me.

I worked as the Office Manager of a real estate office for a little over a year while back in Virginia.  We lived just down an alleyway from the office.  Jay would visit me on occasion, oftentimes bringing me flowers.  One day, after only being there for a couple months, my boss took me aside and asked if Jay was abusive towards me.  I’m sorry, WHAT?  Where did this come from?  I at least acted like my boss was crazy if I didn’t straight up tell him that.  A few months later, the male AND female boss took me into their office and said that if Jay “didn’t get his act together”, I would really need to consider leaving him.  Since when did MY MARRIAGE become the business of my EMPLOYER???

A couple years later, while working as the Assistant Manager at a fast food establishment, I had at least two co-workers telling me I needed to leave him.  They had seen me on the phone with him, and knew it usually ended with me crying.  During that time I also had my AA sponsor ask me if he was the best thing for my recovery.

I had a “friend” ask me several times if it was good for me to stay with my husband.  She said she wondered if he may not change his behavior if I threatened to leave.

At the start of my DBT group, my doctor let it be known a time or two that she thought he was abusive and I needed to “stay safe”.  She wasn’t so bold about it, but I got the gist.  I am also aware that she and Jay had several over-the-phone confrontations.  Mainly Jay confronting her because I desperately needed treatment and she was dragging her feet.  I always got the feeling that she had negative thoughts about him just because he called and raised hell to get me in that DBT group.

A co-worker at my current job lent me a large sum of money.  Then she told me I didn’t have to pay it back.  She made a point, though, to tell me NOT to mention that to Jay.  She said the money was a gift to ME.  Then she said that “there must be something good about Jay since I am with him.”  She has met Jay ONE TIME.

I have learned that I cannot let others see into my relationship with Jay.  They can only see the surface.  No one else understands the dynamic of our relationship.  If I talk about things Jay has said or done, people see me as the victim and him as the monster.  Even if I tell them what a bitch I am.  Even if I talk about the times I have thrown and broken objects, or punched holes in the wall.  I’m afraid that someone I work with will hear him upset in the middle of the night, and then think they have a right to judge our relationship.  No one gets it.  I know that we have issues as a couple, but we have issues apart, too.  We have talked about it, and we both agree that we would be worse off apart than staying together, even though we sometimes experience serious problems.

When my marriage is questioned, I immediately want to rip out the other person’s throat.  How DARE they tell me what to do, and that I am with the wrong person.  Jay and I firmly believe that God has brought us together, and God has kept us together.  It really boils my blood when people try to question that.  Even if they don’t agree that God has anything to do with our marriage, who are they to question it?  They only have gotten a snapshot of our life together.  They don’t know about our past together.  They don’t know the things we have been through and prevailed against.  They have no idea what they are talking about, and it INFURIATES me when people try to comment on my marriage.  I would stack my marriage up against any other, and I’m sure it would be found to be stronger than most.

My therapist gave me some tips for how to handle it if my marriage is questioned again.  She recommended I use GIVE.  When I practiced with her, she said I did a great job staying calm and keeping my tone even.  I laughed and then told her that it would be very different if I was actually confronted again.  In the past I may have let people walk all over me.  Now, I am a different person.  I am more willing to stand up for myself.  I am also more volatile, so WATCH OUT!  Jay is the only person I have left in the world.  You think a mother bear is nasty when her cubs are in danger?  Wait and see what happens if my marriage is called into question again.

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The 20 Things I Will Not Miss About Arkansas

Today I’m going to deviate from my usual topics of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills and borderline personality disorder and instead discuss all the things that I am not going to miss about Arkansas.  Well, let’s be fair.  I haven’t ventured very far out of Little Rock, so I would hate to imply these things about the entire state.  I am also aware that the things I’m going to list are not exclusive to Little Rock.  They are things that I have either not ever come across before, or not come across nearly as much as the three years I’ve lived in Little Rock.

 A List of Things I Am NOT Going to Miss About Little Rock, Arkansas (in no particular order):

 1)       The pot holes – I was shocked at how poorly taken care of the roads are here.  You can’t drive ten feet without running into a pot hole!

2)       People stopping in the middle of…ANYWHERE – For some reason, people here think that it’s ok to stop their carts in the middle of the grocery store aisle and have a conversation.  Or stop their car in the middle of the road.  Or walk to the highest travelled area of a parking lot and block cars so they can catch up with friends.  They just stop anywhere and don’t care about all the other people whose way they are in.

3)       Not being able to understand half of what people say – People here mumble a lot.  Not only that, they use strange sayings that I don’t understand.  I’m not from the South, and I do not understand these expressions much better now after three years than when I first moved here.

4)       The customer service – People down here do not know how to treat customers!  The cashiers act like they are doing you a favor by allowing you to buy groceries.  That is, if they even acknowledge you at all.  Most are too busy talking to their neighboring cashiers or playing on their cell phones.

5)       The way cars are parked – Not only do they think it’s ok to park on the street facing the wrong direction, they also think it’s acceptable to park DIRECTLY BESIDE no parking signs.  I kept meaning to make a picture diary, going around town and taking pictures of all the cars parked beside the “No Parking Any Time” signs.

6)       People thinking it’s ok to rip you off – People think they can short you in the money they give you back when you make a purchase, and in the product they sell you.  They just don’t understand good business down here.

7)       The lack of seasons – In Little Rock, it is either really really REALLY hot, or it is a little chilly.  There is no Fall, and there is no Spring.  There’s barely even a winter.  I’m looking forward to moving back to a place that has all four seasons.  And snow!!

8)       The lack of Thai restaurants – When we moved here, I noticed that they had restaurants for almost every kind of food, except Thai!  Pizza, Italian, Brazilian, Mexican, French, Indian, Korean.  All kinds except for what I really wanted…THAI FOOD!

9)       The limited variety of music – I had to stop listening to the radio.  It is hard to find a good rock station, and impossible to find Oldies or Classical.  All they really play on the radio here is rap and country music.  I started making my own CDs and listening to them in my vehicle so I could listen to something I enjoyed.

10)    The bugs – I have never seen bigger bugs in my life, except for maybe pictures of bugs that live in the Amazon and in rain forests!  I’ve talked to people that live in Florida, and they said even down there the bugs aren’t as huge and populous as they are in Arkansas.

11)    The laziness – People down here seem to think that if you are overweight, that means you can ride in the motorized handicap cart at the grocery store.  You know, the one that is put there for people with REAL disabilities?  I have never seen so many people riding in Walmart and grocery stores in those motorized scooters.  It’s gotten to the point where I will see someone who truly cannot walk throughout the store because of a physical handicap, and my first thought is, “Why are they riding in that?  They aren’t fat enough.”  (Note:  I am overweight myself and am NOT just poking fun at overweight people)

12)    The aggressive males – Men down here seem to think that if a female steps out her front door then she is fair game to be hit on and harassed.  I have had many a man here try to talk to me and tell me that they want to be my “friend”.  That they want to “hang out”.  Some just start by striking up a conversation, but it always leads to them asking for my phone number or making some wildly inappropriate comment.  Their response when I say I’m married?  “I don’t care about your husband.”  Nice, real nice.

13)    The lack of motivation – People down here would rather be paid by the government to pop out babies then to actually go out and work.  I am not talking about the people who are looking for work and can’t find it.  I am not talking about the people who are unable to work.  I am talking about able-bodied people who have gotten used to receiving enough in government financial assistance that they don’t feel it necessary to work.  By the way, the government is only really keen to help you out if you have a child.  Or, like down here, at least seven children, all by different fathers, mind you.

14)    The overzealous preachers – Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for spreading your faith if that’s what you believe you should do.  I really don’t like coming home from work every day, though, and looking over to my left  while I’m stopped at a red light to see a man in a long white robe and white hat screaming at me through a bull horn about hell and eternal damnation.  What a way to “win a soul”.

15)    The gunshot lullabies – Every night I go to sleep listening to the sounds of gunshots.  There is not a gang issue where I live, just some people who like to pass the time by firing their guns on residential streets at all hours of the night.  Holidays are exponentially worse.  The gunshots seem to go all night long.

16)    The personal questions – They think it’s ok to ask about all kinds of things down here that are none of their business.  People have asked me numerous times about the race of my parents because I have curly hair; a question I find incredibly inappropriate.

17)    The nerve of people – People think they can do whatever they want, regardless of any other person.  I have already mentioned them blocking traffic in parking lots and grocery stores, and the parking on the wrong side of the street and beside no parking signs.  They also like to just walk out in front of moving vehicles.  Not just in crosswalks and parking lots.  They do it during rush hour in the middle of busy streets.  I almost hit someone the other night who was crossing the busy four lane street in the dark while wearing dark clothes, and acting like the street was completely empty.  They just walk in front of cars, trusting that they will stop.  I think if an example is made of just ONE person that would solve this problem.  That’s my same solution for neighborhood children running out in the road, but that’s a different topic.

18)    People trying to take my money – I donate my plasma twice a week so I can have money for things I need.  Like food and gas.  It really irritates me that, after I have waited to donate in a small lobby with 75 other people for almost two hours, and then spent 45 minutes bleeding on the table, as soon as I walk out the door somebody has their hand out wanting a couple dollars of my money.  The money that I bled for.  If I can go in there for three hours and bleed for a measly $20 bucks, so can they.

19)    The cars that cut me off – I almost get into a wreck pretty much every day while I’m driving home from work.  There is an unbelievably large number of people who will just cut me off; pulling out in front of me without enough room, changing lanes without looking, running red lights and turning left on green while I am in the intersection!  I have almost run into another vehicle too many times to count – and it is usually because someone else is so impatient that they can’t wait the five seconds necessary for me to pass by.

20)    The dogs roaming the streets – There are dogs that roam around our neighborhood.  I can understand this.  What I cannot understand is the dogs walking around on highways and other main roads.  Dogs aren’t allowed to just wander where I’m from.

So, there is my list.  Let me say again that I know all these things are not solely limited to Little Rock, Arkansas.  I know that there are crappy people and crappy situations all across the world.  It just seems to be more highly concentrated here.

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